(To be performed as a spesific workshop during the conference)

 International Al-Quds Workshop | Istanbul Security Conference 2015


Main Theme

Arab Peace Initiative and Perspectives for Permanent Peace


Throughout the workshop;

The support for active and effective negotiations between Palestinians and Israel within the framework that was set forth in the Annapolis Process will be sought,

The urgent necessity of  overcoming the difficulties including refugees, Jerusalem and withdrawal to June 1967 borders by a comprehensive agreement will be emphasized,

Concerns of the international community about unilateral actions that endanger the peace process will be taken into agenda,

That the peace process should be concluded with the establishment of an independent, viable, sovereign Palestinian State; with east Jerusalem as its capital will be confirmed,

That the disunity among  Palestinians is damaging the Palestinian cause and peace process will be expressed and the support for providing the unity among Palestinians  will be emphasized,

The need to establish normal relations with Israel in the event of a peace settlement and of warranting the security of all the countries in the region will also be underlined.


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