“UN at 70 and Global Governance”

 (03-05 December 2015, Istanbul)


United Nations (UN) is an international organization established by a group of countries in 1945 upon the ratification of United Nations Charter. The foreword of the Charter which summarizes the founding principles and the main purposes of the organization, is displayed as follows: “We decided to protect our next generations from the disaster of war that brings unexplainable pains to humanity twice in a human life period; to declare our belief about basic human rights, the honor and the value of the human personality, the right equality between men and women, then big nations and small nations, again; to create necessary conditions for protecting justice and respecting the responsibilities due to the agreement; to provide better living conditions in a larger area of freedom; to make social development easier; to treat others in a decent way in order to reach these aims; to live together in peace for the comprehension of good neighborliness; to unify our powers in order to protect international peace and security; to accept the rules that can provide the disuse of armed forces except for common benefit and to adopt the methods; to benefit from the international institutions in order to make the social development of all societies easier; endeavoring to realize these aims willingly.”