“Change in State Nature: Borders of Security”

( 02 - 04 November 2016, Istanbul ) 

Nation-state, as is known, is a modern concept emerged from changing political structures going back to the Middle Ages. In the beginning of modern period, as states were trying to form nations, throughout 19th century, depending on the growing nationalism, “nations” were in tendency to build their own states and eventually “nation-state” has become a norm-political structure of the time.  

As a result of the opinion arguing for the ultranationalist movements, however, are the main reason for both the 1st and 2nd World Wars, and the efforts of the states to keep their functions up within a global liberal capitalist system have caused, a certain extent, the deformation of nationalism and to become intense the integration efforts based on the “common market”. A change started from nation-state to market-state and the first example of this is EEC/EU. This change still continues all over the world. Particularly, considering the facts that China has experienced during the last three decades, in terms of giving priority to the individual or state, it’s being observed that the nature of state has also been ideologically changing. 

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